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Workshop ID 891
Title Getting Started with Outdoor Learning in the K-7 Classroom
Year 2020/2021
Subject Area Curriculum Implementation ;Indigenous (previously Aboriginal) Education
Audience Group Teachers
Open to external participants? No
Elsa Medina is the district resource teacher at the Renfrew SELC (Social and Emotional Learning Centre) -- where she provides SEL intervention for primary students from elementary schools all over VSB.

She has worked at the elementary and secondary level at Independent and public schools in Ontario, China and Australia. She has been an elementary teacher at VSB since 2007.

Elsa uses nature as co-teacher in her educator practice at SELC. She uses experiential outdoor activities to invite her students to truly come alive, find purpose and connect to the land like the Indigenous ancestors before us. After SELC intervention, students are better able to regulate themselves, relate to others, problem solve and engage in responsible decision making when they return to their home school communities.

Elsa believes leveraging nature and students as expert instead of the teacher also works to decolonize education. When people ask Elsa to describe herself, she calls herself a nomad. She is constantly on the move, constantly searching for equality, peace and interconnectedness to others, never, ever satisfied with the status quo.
Contact Information Elsa Medina
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Workshop Number: OUTDOOR-2021Feb12-Medina
Getting Started with Outdoor Learning in the K-7 Classroom

Date: Friday, February 12, 2021
Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Location: Online(MS TEAMS)
Max Enroll/Seats Left: 300/150
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